Mr. Duckworth's 1st Grade Classroom
                                    What We're Learning This Week

                                    Week of May 9-May 13, 2011

Reading Story: Alexander Graham Bell

Reading Skill: Draw Conclusions

High Frequency Words: build, early, learn, science, through

Grammar: Practice using I and Me

Math: Subtraction/Addition Review, Measurement: taller, smaller, shorter, longer, non-standard measurement
Math Common Assessment test for April given May 9, 2011

Science: Compare and Contrast Milipedes and Pill Bugs
Social Studies: Inventors-Marie Curie and Louis Pasteur
Review-Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Edison

Spelling Words: saw, draw, crawl, straw, law, jaw, paw, lawn, yawn, hawk, through, science

Skill: aw words

1. A _________ hat keeps out the sun.
2. It is time to cut the _____________.
3. Stealing is against the __________.
4. You can cut the log with a ____________.
5. My dog can shake with its ___________.
6. The mouse hid from the ____________.
7. Can you ____________ with a pen?
8. I ________ when I am sleepy.
9. Your _________ is part of your face.
10. My cat likes to ____________ under my bed.
11. I cannot see ___________ the dirty window.
12. What do you like about ____________ class?