Mr. Duckworth's 1st Grade Classroom

  Our Daily Schedule

    7:45-8:00                                      Morning Work
    8:00-9:10                                      Reading Whole Group
    9:10-9:40                                      Physical Education
    9:40-10:10                                    Reading Independent Work
    10:10-11:07                                  SmallGroups/Literacy Centers
    11:07-11:33                                  Lunch (Table A4)
    11:33-11:45                                  Water/Bathroom Break
    11:45-12:00                                  Listening Comprehension
    12:00-12:30                                  Spelling/Language Arts
    12:30-1:00                                    Science/Social Studies
    1:00-2:00                                      Math
    2:00-2:15                                      Snack Time
    2:15-2:30                                      Dismissal

   *Times vary with Specials*
Please click on the above link to view this month's homework calendar, then click on the current month calendar in the 1st grade section of the page.